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STM-S-001 French Railway Technical Documents

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STM-S-001 French Railway Technical Documents -Standards

STM-S-001 Technical Material Specification RATP Technical Material Specification
STM-S-001 Railway Rolling Stock Fire behavior Selection of materials

STM-S-001 French Railway Technical Documents -Brief

STM S 001 is a document written to help users of EN 45545-2 to have more examples of listed products to have complementary requirements in accordance to EN 45545-1. This document could help during the revision of EN 45545-2.

Use of technical specification STM S 001 to complete EN 45545-2 at SNCF

STM-S-001 French Railway Technical Documents - SNCF requirements

French Standards

SAM S002
NF F16-101 , NF F16-102 , NF F16-103 (被欧标取代 )

European Standards

EN 45545 ( Part 1 to 7 )

In order to justify the conformity of a rolling stock concerning fire safety, a list of material and components has to be established according to EN 45545-2

STM-S-001 French Railway Technical Documents - Relevant standards

EN45545-2 Fire protection of railway vehicles – Part 2: Requirement for fire behaviors of materials and components
EN45545-3 Fire resistance requirements for fire barriers
NFPA 130 Standard for fixed guideway transit and passenger rail systems
TB/T3138-2018 Technical specification of flame retardant materials for railway locomotive and vehicle
TB/T3237-2010 Flame retardant technical specification of decorating materials for multiple unit train.
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