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Last Update: 2014-05-22
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Nm400 Inorganic fire Retardant which developed by our company is a specially-used inorganic fire retardant in textile products.

Nm400 Inorganic fire Retardant  which developed by our company is a specially-used inorganic fire retardant in textile products.It can improve fire resistance, waterproof, and the mechanical properties of textile materials.
1.Aircraft Inner platen.
2.High-temperature nylon, polyester, polyether ether ketone, polyether ketone, polysulfone, and fluorinated polymers such as high processing temperature requirements of the polymer system.
3.Various additive agents of fire resistance nature fiber and fire resistance cynthetic fibre.
4.Lubricant Industry,as the inorganic solid lubricating material,it can improve  friction performance lubricants.   
The product has applied for the Chinese patent.

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