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Sell PP flame retardant bromine-based flame retardant

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Product/Service: PP flame retardant bromine-based flame retardant 
Demand Quantity: 800 Ton/To 
Price Requirement:   Inquiry
Size Requirement:
Package Requirement: packed in sealing po
Address: China
Validity Period: Longterm Validity
Last Update: 2014-05-22
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Detailed Description
PP for fire retardant KT-2000

This product is bromine-based flame retardant, which is environmental-freindly . The fire retardant liquid processes good. It has a very good thermal stability and light stability and takes small proportion of products.It does not precipitate from the cream.There is less burning smoke . The impact to products is small. Therefore, it is currently the best for the PP flame retardant on the market.


Appearance Volatiles Thermaldecomposition temperature White The average size(D95)
White powder 0.3% below 240°C no more tahn 98 below20mil

Recommended amount of 10-14% Wt flame retardant grade (1.6 mm) V-0 UL-94

1. little addictive, low cost.
2. Optical, thermal stability and easy processing, do not change color,easy coloring.
3. Good mechanical properties, physical distinctions, product density is less than other fire-retardant density.
4. Manufactures proportion is small; dark production is not precipitated products from the cream. Back to


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