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Complete Range of Products for Fabric Dyeing and Textile Finishing From Novozymes

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In today’s day and age the finishing touches can make or break a deal or the possibility to sell your products or services. Textile industry companies understand this extremely well, since they are constantly under the pressure of offering the smoothest, most comfortable, most luxurious, yet durable textile for clothes, beddings, curtains, upholstery and other uses. This is why it is recommended that all companies which activate in the field of textile manufacturing, dyeing or textile finishing make use of the professional products put at their disposal by Novozymes. The range of offerings that Novozymes boasts includes natural dyes, Biopolish and Bioblast for textile finishing.


What steps are necessary for obtaining perfectly smooth durable fabrics?


Textile finishing processes include any type of modification on the yarn of the fabric in order to elevate the quality of the looks, feel and endurance of the fabric. There are three types of textile finishing products. They can be design-oriented, quality oriented or handle-oriented. One of the providers that manage to successfully combine these three directions in its products, while also taking care of the environment and paying attention to not affecting its natural equilibrium is Novozymes. The first and one of the most important processes that contribute to textile finishing is dyeing. Evidently, for the best results and for amazing beautiful colors and patterns, using fabric dye from the Novozymes natural dyes range of products is vital. Many companies do not think that natural dyes have an important role for getting a high end look for their products. However, natural fabric dye is actually responsible for the looks of the fabrics, while also causing them to be more resistant to wear. In addition, using natural dyes lowers the production costs while maximizing the efficiency due to the elevated production rate. In the processes carried out to bring the fabrics to look and feel their best, little protuberances of fuzzy loose yarns might come to appear on the surface. This why the Novozymes Biopolish is crucial for producing high quality fabrics, since it has the ability to thoroughly polish any type of loose yarn, irrespective of the nature of the fabric, for instance regardless of whether the fabric is Cotton, Viscose, Jute, Flax, Polynosics, Ramje or even Tencel.


Last, but not least, Bioblast and textile finishing have the ability of giving the fabrics high end looks, feel and other properties such as making them wrinkle-free or even flame retardant. Even though this might seem time and effort consuming, Novozymes has the potential of easing the processes as well as of minimizing the time necessary for carrying them out, all while giving the company and the operator high level of control over the textile finishing treatments. With Bioblast you take care of the textile finishing requirements and are gentle to the environment at the same time!


When is it safe to use Biopolish?


Biopolish is a product developed by Novozymes while keeping the best interest of the customers at heart. The intention of Novozymes is not to restrict the freedom of choice of the clients that make use of Bioblast and the other products from this company. Therefore, Bioblast can be used before or after the natural dyes have been used with the same degree of accuracy and safety.


Sign Up for Premium Content about Natural Dyes, Biopolish and Textile Finishing Products


It is wonderful when a website or a company gives the clients or the prospect the chance of becoming a member of their community. Out of dedication for its customers and leads, Novozymes has now made this opportunity available for its target audience too, especially given that the premier content is usually offered only for members. All you need to do to become a member is to sign up by completing three relevant fields, stating your full name as well as the name of your company and a valid e-mail address and then log in at There are numerous advantages to signing up and becoming a member. For example, you get to be kept up to date with the latest news, innovations and product launches in the shortest of time. Moreover, you get to become able to view testimonials and also to give your own, thus helping others grasp better the notion of Biopolish or textile finishing or even make a decision, for instance between using synthetic fabric dye or natural dyes.


Testimonials Are a Great Way to Learn how to Maximize the Benefits of Natural Dyes


Whenever looking to buy a certain product or to subscribe to receiving certain services, people usually do not want to take any chances of the product or service bought not meeting all their standards of quality or wishes, especially nowadays when money is scarce due to the recent waves of financial recession. This is why people often resort to asking other individuals with more experience in the domain about the quality of products and services, the price/value ratio and even about the professionalism of the respective providers. However, testimonials found on the internet are an even better way of getting accurate opinions about everything you are interested in finding out, since they come from people who have no interest to not be objective. Moreover, sometimes you also get rankings and rates for the services or products you are interested in on the official website of the provider. When it comes to fabric dye, natural dyes, Biopolish against pilling and textile finishing, you can find testimonials on the official site of the most prominent and dedicated provider in this domain of interest, Novozymes, in the unlikely case that the other information found online has not yet convinced you about the irreproachable quality of the products offered. See what Sukardi at PT. Kemilau Warna Ceria, Indonesia and others just like you have to say about this amazing company and their environmental friendly, cost reducing products!

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