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Two high-density sealants marketed under the BioBased Insulation® brand have been approved to use

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Two high-density sealants marketed under the BioBased Insulation® brand have been approved to use the U.S. Department of Agriculture certified biobased product label.


The label indicates that the products have been independently certified to meet USDA BioPreferredTM program standards for bio-based content.


Soy Seal® HD, a 3.0 lb density polyurethane, and Soy Seal® XD, a 6.0 lb density polyurethane, can be used in agricultural and industrial applications. Each product has 15% bio-carbon content in the finished foam based on the industry-standard test, ASTM D6866.


Most of our customers for this product are farmers who are interested in sealing their livestock buildings, silos or bins,” said Amy Sorrell, CEO of BioBased Technologies®. “These customers seek out products that incorporate agricultural materials, so it was a priority for us to get these products in particular labeled under the new USDA program.”


Biobased products are those composed wholly or significantly of agricultural ingredients – renewable plant, animal, marine or forestry materials. Bio-based products can help increase U.S. energy independence by reducing the use of petroleum in manufactured products.


The USDA certified biobased product label is the second component in the two-part USDA BioPreferredTM Program. The first part of the program established minimum bio-content standards for a variety of product categories, and then created an online catalog of more than 5,100 qualified products for preferred purchasing by government agencies.


BioBased Technologies®, the company that makes BioBased Insulation®, currently has seven bio-based polyols listed in the catalog and qualified to use the USDA biobased product label. Two additional spray foam insulation products also are listed in the product catalog.



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