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Price of some high-speed rail tickets to be cut

Zoom  Zoom Issue Date:2018-04-02   Browse:1177
More high-speed trains will soon roll out bigger discounts on tickets, China Railway Corp said on Thursday.

Starting on Wednesday, 28 intercity high-speed railway lines - including Guangzhou to Zhuhai in Guangdong province; Nanjing, Jiangsu province, to Anqing, Anhui province; and the island loop line of Hainan province - will be cut as much as 20 percent from the original price for a second-class seat, the railway authority said.

It is not the first time that tickets have been offered at discounted rates. Floating ticket prices were launched in 2017 on 14 routes, which were offered as much as 10 percent off the fare of some bullet trains running at 200 to 250 kilometers per hour.

Promoting the efficiency of high-speed rail operations and allowing passengers to enjoy more of the benefits of development are good ways to strengthen supply-side structural reform, the railway authority said.

Ticket prices of seats above second-class on some lines will also be adjusted by law after May 27, it said.

In addition to online ticket-information inquiries, food ordering and seat selection services, ticket-booking website will provide more information about schedules and delays, station navigation, and lost and found, the authority said.

Free Wi-Fi in major stations nationwide will also be provided to passengers, it added.

To further promote the construction of infant service areas and nursing areas within railway stations, onboard facilities such as baby-care stations, drinking fountains, power supplies and child seats will be provided. Entertainment areas for children will also be added to stations, the authority said.

Personalized services such as express security inspections, special guidance, exclusive station lounges and baggage carrying will also be provided to better satisfy the different needs of passengers, the authority said.

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