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IMO Res A.653 (16) Toxicity test

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Product/Service: IMO Res A.653 (16)  
Brand: EFRC 
Type: IMO 
Size: IMO Res A.653 (16)  
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Validity Period: Longterm Validity
Last Update: 2017-04-20
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Product detailed description
IMO MSC.61(67) Annex 1,Parts 2 Toxicity test 
IMO Res A.653 (16) Toxicity test 
IMO Toxicity Test Standard
IMO Resolution A.653 (16) / IMO FTPC Part2 
IMO Resolution MSC.61(67) Annex 1,Parts 2
IMO Toxicity Test Standard-Reference Standard
ISO 5659-2: Plastic-Smoke generation, Part 2 
IMO Toxicity Test Standard- Toxicity Gas Limit
CO:1450ppm ; HBr:600ppm ;HCl:600ppm;HCN:140ppm ; 
HF:600ppm; SO2:120ppm ;NOx:350ppm
IMO Res A.653 (16) Toxicity test / IMO MSC.61(67) Annex 1,Parts 2- Smoke Density
Surface of bulkheads, linings, or ceilings Dm≤200 
Floor coverings Dm≤500 
Primary deck coverings Dm≤400 
Plastic pipes and cables Dm≤400 
IMO Res A.653 (16) Toxicity test / IMO MSC.61(67) Annex 1,Parts 2 –Scope:
Surface materials, Floorings, Coatings  etc.
IMO Res A.653 (16) Toxicity – MED Certification
Marine Equipment Directive and US Coast Guard
The Marine Equipment Directive 96/98 EN has came into force on January 1st 1999 and covers a range of equipment carried on board ships registered under the flags of the European union Member States. It was established to ensure that equipment which must comply with the requirements of international conventions (e.g. SOLAS) agreed by the International Maritime Organization also meets common standards of safety and performance across the EU. Approval requirements are also harmonized which ensures certificates issued in one Member State are accepted by all States across the EU. The Directive applies to all ‘Community Registered Ships’ and is mandatory from January 1, 2001.
WheelMark to Marine Equipment - Certification modules   
The Marine Equipment Directive lists the required modules, type examination and attestation requirements for each product. The Notified Body could perform Modules B,D,E and F in accordance with the list of equipment, all relating to Fire Protection. The manufacturer has the option to select (except for primary deck coverings) between the following combinations of modules :B+D,B+E or B+F. For Fire Protection equipment, no one module is allowed in isolation.
Marine Equipment Directive -Reference Standard 
IMO MSC 61(67) / IMO FTPC Part 1
IMO MSC 61(67) / IMO FTPC Part 2
IMO MSC 61(67) / IMO FTPC Part 3
IMO MSC 61(67) / IMO FTPC Part 4:
IMO MSC 61(67) / IMO FTPC Part 5
IMO MSC 61(67) / IMO FTPC Part 6
IMO MSC 61(67) / IMO FTPC Part 7
IMO MSC 61(67) / IMO FTPC Part 8 
IMO MSC 61(67) / IMO FTPC Part 9
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