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Supply EN13501-1 Fire test to Building Material

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Product/Service: EN13501-1 Fire test to Building Material  
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EN13501-1 Fire test to Building Material – European Standard EN13501-1

Ecosafene Products Service Co.,Ltd provide EN13501 fire test service to Building Material .
Ecosafene Products Service(Xiamen) Co., Ltd , the facility of Ecosafene International, is not only the authoritative office of European Standard Institute, European Notified Body for CE marking, but also the global partner of FireTC(  which will keep you informed latest news about fire standards and regulation, provide professional technical service of fire test and make you get more business chance.
 >>> Fire Test to Building Material - EN13501-1 - Standard:
 >>EN13501-1:2007:Fire classification of construction products and building
        elements-Part1: Classification using data from reaction to fire tests
>>>EN 13501-1: Fire Test to Building Material-Brief :
With the lucubrate and development in fire science and fire protection, right from the combustion characteristics of flame spread, extend to include the rate of heat release, heat release, toxicity of smoke density and combustion result and other parameters. The classes is EN 13501-1 actively consider the above parameters, therefore more scientific. EN 13501-1 also provides a number of test methods not only consider the actual fire scene, but also consider the end use of the material, which is more practical representation.

>>>EN 13501-1: Fire Test to Building Material-Product
Construction products, excluding floorings and linear pipe thermal insulation products
Linear pipe thermal insulation products

 >>> EN 13501-1: Fire Test to Building Material-Classification

  Construction excluding Flooring


A1,A2, B,C,D,E,F

   Class F:Test according EN ISO 11925-2 and fail to meet the Class E

   Class E:Pass the test according the EN ISO 11925-2

   Class D,C,B: Pass the test according EN ISO 11925-2and EN 13823

   Class A2: Pass the test according EN 13823 and EN ISO 1182 or EN ISO 1716

   Class A1:Pass the test according EN ISO 1182 and EN ISO 1716



A1fl ,A2fl ,Bfl,Cfl,


   Class Ffl: According EN ISO 11925-2 to test and fail to meet Class Efl

   Class Efl:Pass the test specified according to EN ISO 11925-2

   Class Dfl,Cfl,Bfl:Pass the test according to EN ISO 11925-2 and ISO 9239-1

   Class A2fl: Pass the test according ISO 9239-1 and EN ISO 1182 or EN ISO 1716

   Class A1fl:Pass the test according EN ISO 1182 and EN ISO 1716

Linear pipe



   ClassFL: Test according EN ISO 11925-2 and fail to meet the Class E

   Class EL:Pass the test according the EN ISO 11925-2

   Class DL,CL,BL: Pass the test according EN ISO 11925-2and EN 13823

   Class A2L: Pass the test according EN 13823 and EN ISO 1182 or EN ISO 1716

   Class A1L:Pass the test according EN ISO 1182 and EN ISO 1716

>>> EN 13501-1: Fire Test to Building Material-Products

Insulated materialmineral wool boardglass woolplastic parts, etc

Textilecurtain, portiere, etc

FlooringsBamboo flooring, wood flooring, plastic flooring, carpet, rubber flooring, etc

PipelineAir condition hose, etc

>>> EN 13501-1: Fire Test to Building Material– Reference Standard

EN 13823, Reaction to fire tests for building products. Building products excluding floorings exposed to the thermal attack by a single burning item

EN ISO 1182, Reaction to fire tests for building products. Non-combustibility test (ISO 1182:2002)

EN ISO 1716, Reaction to fire tests for building products. Determination of the heat of combustion (ISO 1716:2002)

EN ISO 9239-1, Reaction to fire tests for floorings. Part 1: Determination of the burning behaviour using a radiant heat source (ISO 9239-1:2002)

EN ISO 11925-2, Reaction to fire tests. Ignitability of building products subjected to direct impingement of flame . Part 2: Single-flame source test (ISO 11925-2:2002)

>>> We also can provide the following service of fire test 

> Fire test to railway components: BS 6853, DIN 5510-2, NF F 16-101, UNI CEI 11170-3, NFPA 130, EN 45545-2, UIC 564-2.

> Fire test to buidling material: EN 13501-1, DIN 4102, BS 476, NF P 92-501, GB 8624, GB 20286

> Fire test to marine equipment: IMO FTPC, Wheelmark, USCG

> Fire test to aircraft material: FAR 25, BSS 7239, BSS 7238, ASTM E 662

> Fire test to interior material of motor vehicles: 95/28/EC, GB 8410, FMVSS 302, ISO 3795

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EN13501fire testing services to many clients and have rich experience on it, please contact us, , we will share with you a specific test methods and technical analysis!

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