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GOST12.1.044-89 Fire and explosion hazard of substances and materials

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Product/Service: GOST12.1.044-89 Fire and explosion hazard of substances and materials  
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GOST12.1.044-89 Fire and explosion hazard of substances and materials 
Relevant Parameter
2.1 Combustibility 
2.2 Flash point 
2.3 Ignition point 
2.4 Self-ignition point 
2.5 Concentration limits of flame spreading 
2.6 Temperature limits of flame spreading 
2.7 Smoldering point 
2.8 Conditions of thermal Self-ignition 
2.9 Minimum ignition energy 
2.10 Oxygen index
2.11 Ability to explode and burn upon interaction with water, air oxygen and etc
2.12 Normal speed of flame spreading 
2.13 Burn-up speed
2.14 Fume evolution coefficient
2.15 Index of flame spreading
2.16 Toxicity indicator of combustion products of polymeric materials
2.17 Minimum retarding concentration of a retarder 
2.17 Minimum explosive 
2.18 Minimum explosive content of oxygen
2.19 Maximum explosion pressure
2.20 Rate of explosion pressure rise 
GOST 12.1.044-89 Fire and explosion hazard of substances and materials 
Referenced standard 
GOST 30402-96 Rate inflammability of construction materials 
GOST Р 51032-97 Test Method for floor and roof coverings against flame spread
GOST 30244-94 Combustibility test of construction materials 
GOST 12.1.044-89 Determine toxicity indices of polymeric materials’ combustion products
GOST 27484-87 / GOST 28779-90 Test Method for electric insulating materials and electrical equipment with a needle-shaped flame torch and a Bunsen burner 
GOST Р МЭК 60332-3-10-2005 Test cables of bunch group laying against flame non-spread
GOST Р МЭК 332-1-96 Test a single rise cable against flame non-spread
GOST 30244-94 Test construction materials against incombustibility
GOST 12.1.044-89 Determine a smoke generation index of solid substances and materials
GOST of Russia Test a building structure against fire resistance
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