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BS6853 Fire test to railway vehicles

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Product/Service: BS6853 Fire test to railway vehicles 
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BS6853 Fire test to railway vehicles- British Standard 

        BS6853 Fire test to railway component - Standard

BS 6853Code of practice for fire precautions in the design and construction of passenger carrying trains 

BS6853 Fire test to railway vehicles - Scope 

This British Standard makes recommendations in respect of fire safety for the design and construction of railway vehicles comprising or forming part of passenger carrying trains. The recommendations are applicable to new vehicles and also to substantial changes to existing vehicles

The recommendations in this British Standard cover:

a) The reaction to fire of materials;

b) The use of fire resisting barriers;

c) General aspects of design for fire safety. 

BS6853 Fire test to railway vehicles–Introduction 

The standard has been extensively revised to assist railway vehicle builders in interpreting guidance from the Safety Regulatory Authority on fire performance.It is envisaged therefore that this standard will have a wider use than the previous edition and reflects the concern of the Fire Standards Committee by upgrading the responsibilities of railway vehicle designers, builders and manufacturers, encouraging them to produce safer materials which release less toxic effluent in a fire, for future safety.


BS6853 Fire test to railway vehicles –Test Method 

1. BS 6853 - Table 1: Interior horizontal supine surfaces

2. BS 6853 - Table 2: Interior vertical surfaces

3. BS 6853 - Table 3: Interior horizontal prone surfaces

4. BS 6853 - Table 4: Exterior horizontal supine surfaces

5. BS 6853 - Table 5: Exterior vertical surfaces

6. BS 6853 - Table 6: Exterior horizontal prone surfaces

7. BS 6853 - Table 7: Interior minor use materials of mass 100g to 500g

8. BS 6853 - Table 8: Exterior minor use materials of mass 400g to 2000g

9. BS 6853 - Table 9: Seat trim

10. BS 6853 - Table 10: Seat shell (back and base)

11. BS 6853 - Table 11: Textiles (free standing and lying)

12. BS 6853 - Table 12: Mattresses

13. BS 6853 - Table 13: Interior cable

14. BS 6853 - Table 14: Exterior cables

BS6853 Fire test to railway vehicles– Reference Standard

> BS 476-4 Non-combustibility test for materials.

> BS 476-6 Method of test for fire propagation for products.

> BS 476-7 Determine the classification of the surface spread of flame of products.

> BS 476-22 The fire resistance of non-loadbearing elements of construction.

> BS 4066-3 Tests on bunched wires or cables.

> BS ISO 4589-2 Oxygen index - Part 2: Ambient-temperature test.

> BS ISO 4589-3 Oxygen index - Part 3: Elevated temperature test.

> BS ISO 5659-2 Determination of specific optical density.

> NF X 70-100  Analysis of pyrolysis and combustion gases

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