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Indelpro PP offers to Mexican market jump 16 cents/lb: company source

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Mexican polypropylene producer Indelpro raised this week its offer by 16 cents/lb ($358/mt) for the domestic market, a company source said Thursday.


After the hike, Indelpro was offering resin to the Mexican domestic market at 97 cents/lb CIF for homo raffia and injection (bagged), 98 cents/lb CIF for homo film and $1.02/lb for co-polymer, the source said.


Polypropylene offers went up more because of the hikes in the resin price in the international market and domestic market conditions," he said.


The last time Indelpro lifted offer prices were in the last week of January, when prices were increased by 5 cents/lb ($110/mt).


US offers to Mexico for February were heard at 80 cents/lb DAF Laredo for homo raffia and injection and at 84 cents/lb DAF Laredo for co-polymer.


For the Mexican polypropylene export side, Indelpro increased the prices by $200/mt. Mexican resin offers to Central America and Andean countries following the jump were at $1,800/mt CFR for homo raffia and injection and at $1,900/mt CFR for co-polymer.


Colombian February offers to the other Andean countries (Ecuador and Peru) were heard higher $40-50/mt than the Mexican ones at $1,840/mt CFR for homo raffia, $1,850/mt CFR for homo injection and at the price for co-polymer at $1,900/mt CFR.

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