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Asian PE offers to Peru drop $40-50/mt from August

Zoom  Zoom Issue Date:2011-09-22   Browse:467

Asian polyethylene offers in September for Peru went down $40-50/mt compared to August, an importer said Tuesday.


"The tendency could be that in the next few months we'll see lower polyethylene offers from Asia due to the fact that no one wants to have inventories at the end of the year," said the buyer.


For volumes of 100-200mt, September LDPE film offers from Asia were at $1,650/mt CFR, HDPE film at $1,550/mtCFR, HDPE blow molding at $1,560/mt CFR, and LLDPE at $1,500-1,550/mt CFR.


"The prices are good, and as we have inventories we can wait for the 45 days delivery. We should close some deals with Asia this week," added the source.


US resin offers to Peru were heard $50-120/mt higher than the Asia ones at $1,600/mt CFR for HDPE film and injection, $1,676/mt CFR for blow molding, and $1,720/mt CFR for LDPE.


Brazil had HDPE offers lower than the Asian ones, but according to the source they would prefer to purchase HDPE from Asia because the product is bimodal while the Brazilian product is unimodal.

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