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Controlled Products Launches New Coating Technology

Zoom  Zoom Issue Date:2014-04-16   Source:PUWORLD   Browse:669

Anyone can put polyurethane coating on the back of turf, but like any craft, a true professional obsesses over how it can be done best, and how each detail impacts the final result. Controlled Products, the leading manufacturer of synthetic turf products, decided to take control over their destiny and in April 2013, installed a brand new state of the art polyurethane coating line.

Controlled Products announces the launch of Silverback™, the first polyurethane coating system that was designed from the ground up and specifically for synthetic turf. This is a revolutionary process that provides a stronger and more dependable way to apply a backing system that dramatically increases strength and is unmatched by any other turf coatings in the world.

For 25 years, Controlled Products CEO, Lanny Bailey, has been proud to introduce customers to the best synthetic turf in the world. “This new system is just the latest in new technology and performance that Controlled Products is bringing to meet the market’s increasing demand for better products and higher performance.” Bailey went on to say, “We developed a process through careful research, years of experience and knowledge. Through this, we have built a highly sophisticated coater designed specifically for turf which utilizes advanced chemistry that works together with our primary backing system and yarns. This results in significant benefits for our customers and the end users of our synthetic turf products”.

The Silverback™ coating not only provides end users a better, stronger product. It also gives peace of mind that the product will outperform products other manufactures offer. “We know the demands placed on these products, from Football to Soccer, to Landscape and Golf. All require exceptional strength and our unique process and chemistry offers this,” says Frank Harp Vice President Manufacturing. Silverback™ coating can be found on all of the Controlled Products family of brands. The independent lab test results speak for themselves and consumers now have a better choice when it comes to the performance of synthetic turf products.

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