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Discover and capture picturesque Taicang in two streets

Zoom  Zoom Issue Date:2017-11-29   Browse:1007
Leaves turn from light green to golden yellow in the deep fall as the small city of Taicang ushers in its most beautiful season.
As you stroll on a tree-lined avenue, leaves fall from the trees, dance with the wind, swirl in the air, and finally flutter slowly to your shoulder.
A shower of golden leaves would be admired if a strong wind blew through.
So, take your camera to capture the two most beautiful avenues in Taicang.
Nanyuan Road
Nanyuan Road has an aroma of antique books created by the drooping willows, quaint gardens and schools on both sides of the road.
Green willow branches fall against the white walls and black tiles of ancient buildings in small gardens.
With its beautiful environment and fresh air, Nanyuan Road is the chosen place for local residents to do morning exercises and take evening walks.
EN 13501-1: Fire Test to Building Material - Classification
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