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Icynene Europe Unveils Regionally Specific Spray Foam Insulation Product Line

Zoom  Zoom Issue Date:2013-09-25   Source:PUWORLD   Browse:512

Global spray foam insulation manufacturer Icynene announced today the launch of its regionally-specific European product line, H2Foam™ to address specific needs of architects and builders within the region.

The H2Foam product line includes an open-cell, light-density spray foam - H2Foam Lite -and a closed-cell rigid spray foam - H2Foam Forte - with additional products in the pipeline. All H2Foam products are 100% water-blown making them an environmentally sound alternative to other spray foam products available on the market.

"Icynene has always been at the forefront of product innovation and development and the H2Foam spray foam insulation portfolio solidifies our position in the marketplace as such. Both our open-cell and closed-cell H2Foam™ products are 100% water blown and the new branding reflects our commitment to developing spray foam products that are free from chemically-based blowing agents," said Bertrand Lauret, Managing Director of Abington Gate Europe, Icynene contact for Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

H2Foam Lite is a light-density (7 Kg/m3) open-cell spray foam insulation product ideal for both residential and commercial projects offering stable thermal performance and superior sound attenuation and air tightness amongst its many benefits.

H2Foam Forte is the world's first 100% water-blown rigid closed-cell spray foam insulation product merging the standard key benefits of closed-cell spray foam together with the opportunity to improve building performance and minimise environmental impact.

"As architects and builders increasingly trend towards seeking innovation and sustainable products, Icynene Europe is responding to market demand by introducing spray foam insulation products that deliver in the immediate and long-term. Additional products in the pipeline will continue our commitment to driving industry growth in the industry." said Mr. Lauret.

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