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Dow Introduces Moisture and Chemical Repellant Polyols for High-Performance CASE Applications

Zoom  Zoom Issue Date:2013-09-24   Source:PUWORLD   Browse:575

Protecting pipes and tanks from the effects of water damage can lengthen the lifespan of expensive equipment and extend capital investments. Dow Polyurethanes has created VORAPEL™ Moisture and Chemical Repellant Polyols, a novel new family of hydrophobic polyols for applications that require increased moisture and chemical resistance, including infrastructure, secondary containment, chemical tanks and electronic components.

"VORAPEL Polyols are excellent for products that need an extra hydrophobic boost," said Alan Robinson, Global Marketing Director for Dow Polyurethanes. "VORAPEL Polyols can help extend product lifespan and provide an excellent cost savings for customers by resisting moisture and organic chemicals, as well as extreme high and low temperatures, to withstand environmental elements."

Designed to meet the demand for high-performance, moisture-resistant coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers (CASE) polyurethanes, VORAPEL Polyols are low viscosity, clear liquids that can be tailored to a wide range of molecular weight and functionality. VORAPEL Polyols offers the following advantages:

•Outstanding mechanical performance

•Resistance to a broad range of chemicals, including organic solvents, hydrocarbon fuels and inorganic acids

•Low viscosity for processing and storage freedom

•Broad formulation compatibility with other polyols and chain extenders

The low viscosity and miscibility with multiple families of polyols help contribute to excellent wettability and moisture resistance for coatings and adhesives used in electronic components.

VORAPEL Polyols are a new, innovative class of polyurethanes that provide reliable, quality solutions for a wide range of products, delivering value to customers and pushing the polyurethane industry forward.

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