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Croda Presents Priplast 100% Bio-based Polyester Polyols

Zoom  Zoom Issue Date:2013-03-20   Source:PUWORLDshare   Browse:592

At the ECS Croda Coatings & Polymers introduces new technologies such as:

Priplast 100% bio-based polyester polyols for high performance polyurethanes and polyurethane dispersions in coatings & adhesives

Zephrym ColorFX a novel amine functional dispersant for high performance pigments in solvent borne formulations providing richer, deeper and truer colours

B-Tough C2x an epoxy functional toughening agent protecting epoxy coatings against tough conditions

Multiwet multifunctional wetting agents for aqueous formulations without having to use silicones or fluorosurfactants

At the European Coatings Congress the company is presenting:

Novel amine functional dispersant for use with high performance pigments in solvent borne formulations Recently there has been a trend to use high performance pigments in solvent borne formulations.

The complex pigments have properties that make them difficult to disperse, which limits their full performance potential. A novel dispersant technology with amine functionality has been developed for use with these special pigments to provide richer, deeper and truer colors. In addition, reductions were seen in the overall viscosity measurements of the dispersion when both high speed mixing and horizontal milling techniques were employed. Solvent borne formulations using high performance carbon black, rubine red and magenta pigments showed better color development, longer stability and lower viscosities while potentially lowering the addition rates of the novel dispersant.

Bio-based polyols for high performance polyurethane adhesives

Polyurethanes have been used for many years to produce high-performance materials. Croda has extended its range of hydrolytically stable polyester polyols using 100% bio-based technology, to meet the industry need towards sustainable materials. The new amorphous and semi-crystalline polyols are suitable for reactive adhesives and polyurethane dispersions, where the semi-crystalline material provides improved hardness. It allows adhesives with over 65% renewable carbon content, which is especially a large improvement for dispersions.

These polyols are based on C36 dimer acid from natural oils with a branched non-crystalline structure, which offers (low temperature) flexibility to the bond, prevents strain-induced crystallisation and enhances wetting. The hydrocarbon character imparts water repellency and affinity for a wide range of substrates. Furthermore, a unique combination of enhanced hydrolytic and thermo-oxidative stability results, which is highly relevant for demanding applications like sealants, sportswear and automotive adhesives. These properties will be demonstrated for reactive adhesives and polyurethane dispersions.

About Croda Coatings & Polymers

Croda Coatings & Polymers provides environmentally friendly solutions to resin manufacturers, paint formulators and additive producers. The company offers a wide range of high performance bio-based building blocks and speciality surfactants based on carefully selected raw materials.

Croda is an innovative partner offering its customers the highest level of technical service, applications know-how and a variety of technology platforms. It continuously develops new and exciting green concepts to add value to latest innovations.

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