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Customized fire resistant coverall will definitely be more suitable for workers.

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Product/Service: Men’s Flame Retardant Protective Fire Work Coverall 
Unit Price: 22.00USD/piece  Inquiry
The min order: 500 piece 
Total Supply: 10000 piece
Delivery Expiry: Delivery within 45 days after payment from buyer
Validity Period: Longterm Validity
Last Update: 2020-12-28
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Product detailed description
    For the advantages of Xinke’s flame-retardant clothing, we take this flame-retardant suit as an example. This fire retardant workwear has two fabrics to choose from. The fabric of the jacket and pants is the same. You can choose 100% cotton or 98% Cotton2% Anti-static. Both materials have their own. The advantages. Flame-retardant clothing made of cotton material has good moisture absorption. It will feel soft but not stiff when it touches human skin. One is that its moisturizing properties are also great. The most important thing about flame-retardant clothing is its heat resistance. Pure cotton has good heat resistance. Under high temperature conditions, it will only increase the moisture on the fabric without causing damage to the fiber. Let’s talk about another ingredient. There is no doubt that it has antistatic properties. Static electricity is also one of the factors that cause fires. In dry climates, antistatic is necessary to avoid unnecessary harm. Of course, although its fabric is not as comfortable as pure cotton fabric, it is also comfortable close to cotton material.
   This protective fire coverall  has two chest pockets, two side pockets and hip pockets; the clothes are double-open flame-retardant zippers, and the cuffs are closed with snap buttons, which is very convenient. The front of the pants is a metal zipper, and the leg pockets are designed with Velcro, which is safe and convenient. In order to improve the visibility of the whole garment, reflective strips are provided on the upper chest and arms of the top, and the legs of the pants are also equipped with flame-retardant reflective strips. All in all, our clothing can be customized, you only need to provide your requirements and working environment, we will help you within our capabilities.
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