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Our flame-retardant coverall is suitable for machinery, oil and welding and so on.

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Product/Service: High Quality Safety Fire Resistant Coveralls 
Unit Price: 22.00USD/piece  Inquiry
The min order: 500 piece 
Total Supply: 10000 piece
Delivery Expiry: Delivery within 45 days after payment from buyer
Validity Period: Longterm Validity
Last Update: 2020-12-28
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Basic Info of Company
Product detailed description
    There are many dangers hidden in nature, such as fires, floods, plagues and so on. In the face of these dangers, human beings are vulnerable, because the power of these disasters is great, but human beings can survive safely every time, relying on our strong will and the determination to resist external forces.Every time to resist these dangers is our frontline warrior who risk their lives to solve our difficulties. Therefore, our company is committed to the production of safety protective clothes in line with the mission of “safety protection, protection and safety “, providing a life guarantee for front-line employees all over the world, reducing or even eliminate dangerous injuries and protect their lives.
Below, let’s be specific about our high quality coveralls, which is made of 99% cotton and 1% antistatic fabric, with twill on it, and it is very lightweight, with a quality of 220 g/m2, It has orange, red, dark blue, blue and other different colors. There are a lot of pockets on it to facilitate workers to carry tools, for example, 2 chest bags with cover on the chest ;1 leg bags on the left leg; 1 arm bag with cover and 2 back pockets. Besides, it has zippers and plastic snap buckles. And there are folds in the back waist, so we can adjust the wide of the waist and cuffs. Meanwhile, there are 2 flame-retardant reflective bands on the sleeves and legs, which can give passers-by or vehicles a certain warning effect in the dark environment.
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