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Sell druable & attract plastic traffict speed bump product

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Product/Service: druable & attract plastic traffict speed bump product  
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Address: China
Validity Period: Longterm Validity
Last Update: 2013-10-21
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Detailed Description

speed bump:
1.attractive bright color
2.cold/hot resistant,
4. Can avoid collision

speed bump: 

1. One time forming, cold resistant, hot resistant, anti-impact, durable, With the water in it ,the buffer elasticity will be better, without the water, it can be moved  easily.

2. With the reflective film, the color of bucket is very bright and it is also attractive in the night.

3. Used: Mainly used in the entrance of the highway, the crossing of the roads, railway, driveway, bridge in the traffic and toll station to warn the drivers, and reduce the accidents.

4. Collision Prevention Corner Piece: Used for corner guard, good collision prevention performance.

5. Good chemical performance, aged-resistance and temperature resistance.

6. Common Colors: orange, blue, black, green, can be made according to customers' demands.

7. Can provide different specification according to  customers  requirements.

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