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Product/Service: Prefabricated Homes  
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Address: China
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Last Update: 2014-05-22
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Our company has introduced the light steel villa system from North America, Australia and other regions to adapt to the growing demand for light steel villa system, which has the following main features:
1. Wall load-carrying system structure is constituted by small-spacing cold-pressing thin steel joists;
2. New type materials with characteristics such as light weight, high strength and good thermal insulation and fire resistance are used for wall plates and floors;
3. Standardized and normalized building fittings, etc.
Description of wall structure features: The exterior wall consists of exterior wall plate, water barrier, structural exterior plate, light steel joist, heat insulator, and interior veneer. Exterior wall plates include: Metal clapboard, vinyl clapboard, wooden siding clapboard, and wooden tongued and grooved clapboard, all of which can meet the requirements of various fa? Ade renderings. The interior wall uses light steel joist plasterboard insulated partitions with maximum fire resistance up to 2 hours; Sound insulation up to 53DB; Thermal resistance rating of insulating cotton inside wall between R13-R30; Unilateral air-permeated and water-repellent moist-proof paper for exterior wall's water barrier.
Description of roof structure features: The floor system of typical light steel villa system mainly consists of joist, structural panel and suspension ceiling. The joist uses cold-fromed& thin-wall steels as load-bearing members; The structural panel is OSB oriented flakeboard; The suspension ceiling is light steel joist plasterboard, and light steel villas generally have sloping roofs, basic structural forms of which are: Inclined girder, structural panel, water barrier and thermal insulator, and veneer. Boards used for roof veneers include composite roofing veneers, color embossed clamped tiles, color corrugated tiles, metal joint-lock sheets and color fiberglass tiles, etc. With diversified colors, shapes and strong bonding and leakage-proofing performance.
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