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Industry Fire alarm component

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Product/Service: Heat Detector Explosion Proof fire alarm component 
Demand Quantity: 5000 
Price Requirement:   Inquiry
Size Requirement:
Package Requirement:
Address: China
Validity Period: Longterm Validity
Last Update: 2020-12-28
Browse: 1674
Basic Info of Company
Detailed Description

Industry Fire alarm component.
Explosion proof ExdIICT6 grade oil field, chemical factory applied fire system component.
IP65 weather proof and dust proof industry grade heat detector.
Relay output hardwired heat detector can work with conventional and addressable fire alarm control panel.
1. Explosion proof: ExdII CT6
2. Working voltage: DC-20V~DC28V
3. Standby current: <=0.6mA
4. Alarm current: 10mA~30mA
5. Alarm status: Red LED light on
6. Working environment
temperature: -20C ~+55C
relative humidity: <=95% non condensation
Atmospheric pressure: 80kPa~110kPa
7. input wiring diameter: 2-M22*1.5

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