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Sell Flame Alarm, Fire Detector with Hush Button

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Product/Service: Flame Alarm, Fire Detector with Hush Button  
Demand Quantity: 300000 Pie 
Price Requirement:   Inquiry
Size Requirement:
Package Requirement: colour box or&n
Address: China
Validity Period: Longterm Validity
Last Update: 2014-05-22
Browse: 1444
Basic Info of Company
Detailed Description
Test/Hush Button,120V/220VAC power supply,9V back-up battery,85dB/3m,Wireless interconnection,meets EN14604,UL217

Test by hand,Low battery warning

Hush Button

Low standby current,Auto reset,ASIC adopted
Anti-light, mothproof,Strong adaptability for circumstance
SMT design, high stability

Operating Voltage:120V/220V  AC
Backup Battery: 9V battery
Static current: ≤10uA
Alarm current: ≤15mA
Alarm indication: LED flash
Sound level: ≥85dB/3 meters
Operating temperature:40 to 100(4 to 38)
Operating humidity: 5%-95% RH                                                                                Sensitivity:2.06%/ft
Detecting area: 20 square meters
Alarm output: sound and flash alarm
Size: 128 x 38mm deep                                                                                                                Wireless interconnection

Execute criterion: EN14604,UL217

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