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Dow Business Units to Display Innovative Coating Solutions at Western

Zoom  Zoom Issue Date:2011-10-28   Source:syalons   Browse:1290

The Dow Chemical Company’s four business units, Dow Microbial Control, Dow Coating Materials, Dow Construction Chemicals and ANGUS Chemical Company, will display their innovative coating products at the Western Coatings Symposium (WCS) to be conducted from 24 to 26 October 2011 in Las Vegas.


Moreover, six Dow specialists will deliver technical presentations on various coating industry topics, from the latest hiding methods for tackling TiO2 shortages to the new HASE substitutes for HMHEC. The key innovations to be displayed at WCS will be the new actives for controlling microbes, smart coatings that bond to challenging substrates and advanced technologies to use raw materials efficiently.


Dow Microbial Control will display its latest-generation paint film fungicide containing low volatile organic compound (VOC) called BIOBAN 200. Antimicrobial and active ingredient MBIT, for in-can preservation. Dow Coating Materials will exhibit ACRYSOL DR-110 Rheology Modifier, which is an all liquid economical HASE substitute to HMHEC for numerous architectural formulations and AVANSE ST-410 Binder, which when mixed with semi-transparent stains provides improved durability and ultraviolet protection. The company will also display three choices for metal and wood coating purposes that demand better sustainable surfaces, durability and quicker drying namely ProSperse 755, ProSperse 707 and ProSperse 704 with DESIGNED DIFFUSION Technology.


Dow Construction Chemicals will discuss its ingredient solutions that enhance the reflectivity and bonding of elastomeric roof coatings for fulfilling the increasing needs of the energy-conserving cool roof technology. ANGUS Chemical Company will present its AMP Multifunctional Amine that provides benefits, including improved scrub resistance, effective pigment dispersion and superior base strength. The company will also display its AEPD VOX 1000 Multifunctional Amine that allows formulators to make high-quality paints with ultra-low VOC below 5 g/L.


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