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2011 See Soft Furniture Production Volume shrinking

Zoom  Zoom Issue Date:2011-09-29   Source:PUWORLD   Browse:620

August furniture and ancillary export total volume recorded at Rmb 3.118 billion, down by 1.6% versus that of last month. Accumulated amount from January to August pegged at Rmb 24.109 billion while Rmb 21.2 billion at the same period of last year, up by 13.7%. Last year homemade furniture exports valued at Rmb 32.99 billion with commercial commodities accounting the most. Export destinations were mainly America, east European and ASEAN.


2011 August saw Chinese soft furniture production amounting 3.582 million with 10.1% negative growth. Accumulated production volume from January-August reported at 27.343 million with 8.4% of negative growth. In August, Zhejiang and Gaungdong production volume kept the leading status, accounting 70% while slipped rapidly than that of same period of last year. Zhejiang had 10.1% negative growth in August and 8.4% accumulated from January-August against same period of last year. Shanghai goods reported 36.6% negative growth in August while 16.2% accumulated from January-August against same period of last year. Jiangsu had 20.6% negative growth for August while 26.1% accumulated from January-August against same period of last year. Foam producers had little confidence for the future development and small factories were shut-down or went bankruptcy in this year.


For foam producers September and October ranked the busy season. September witnessed increasing orders and plants capacities recovered. At present downstream producers were still concerned with the prospect due to deficit in half 1.

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