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First homegrown 20,000 TEU container ship arrives in Tianjin port

Zoom  Zoom Issue Date:2018-04-04   Browse:859
 The first 20 thousand TEU container ship which has completely independent intellectual property rights, Cosco Shipping Aries, recently arrived at Tianjin Port to promote the development of export and import trade.
Cosco Shipping Aries was built by NACKS. The container ship is 400 meters long, 58.6 meters wide and 30.7 deep, and has a maximum load of 197,000 tons. It is the longest ship in the world and holds the advantages of fuel-efficiency, hi-tech mechanisms, and safe and heavy carriage capacity.
The ship will serve the Ocean Alliance established by Cosco Shipping Lines, CMA-CGM, Evergreen Marine Corp and OOCL. The European line will leave from Tianjin port, pass the ports of North China and East China and Singapore, and eventually arrive in Germany, Belgium, Holland and Greece.
First homegrown 20,000 TEU container ship arrives in Tianjin port
The Cosco Shipping Aries dockes at the Belgian port of Antwerp on Feb 27.[Photo/ CHINA DAILY by Wu Nian]
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