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APEX Siding System with Ultrex(R) Fiberglass Offers Anchorage Homeowners High Performance, Sustainab

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MINNEAPOLIS & ANCHORAGE, Alaska, Sep 01, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- APEX(R) Siding System, an affiliate of Marvin(R) Windows and Doors, is introducing the nation's first fiberglass siding and trim system to the Anchorage, Alaska market, for residential and commercial applications.


APEX Siding System ( ) has selected Mason's Siding & Supply, Inc. ( ) located in Anchorage, to sell and install APEX siding and trim throughout Alaska. Founded in 1975, Mason's Siding and Supply is one of Alaska's most respected home and commercial siding dealers.


The APEX siding system features Ultrex(R), a patented, pultruded fiberglass material that delivers a beautiful finish, incredible durability, and is virtually maintenance free. APEX siding and trim has been designed based on more than 20 years of Marvin experience using Ultrex(R) pultruded fiberglass material in its award-winning Integrity(R) and Infinity(R) lines of windows and doors.


Proudly made in the United States, the APEX siding system incorporates an innovative use of a proprietary technology pioneered by Marvin -- proven in tens of thousands of homes across the United States. As a result, in every critical performance category (appearance, durability, strength, extreme temperature resistance, ease of installation, water management, cost of ownership and sustainability), APEX siding and trim outperforms vinyl, wood, steel, aluminum and even fiber cement.


"We are excited to offer homeowners in Anchorage and throughout Alaska a new, high performance, green alternative for their home siding needs," said John Gardner, director of sales and marketing for APEX Siding System. "And we are proud to partner with Mason's Siding & Supply in Anchorage. We are impressed by their expertise, professionalism, and dedication to customer excellence. We believe they will help us demonstrate to Anchorage homeowners the incredible value and performance of APEX siding and trim."


"We've begun to install APEX siding and trim on a number of homes in the Anchorage area," said Dave Mason, owner of Mason's Siding & Supply. "Our customers love the appearance of this product, as well as its durability and strength. It gives a home a real clean, crisp, sharp look. It will definitely increase the value of your home."


Available in ten rich, bold, and enduring colors, APEX siding and trim offers clean, crisp lines and tight seams that separate homes sided with APEX house siding from those sided with fiber cement and even real wood. APEX siding material comes in 16-foot lengths, in either four-inch or seven-inch width sizes, and in a smooth or wood grain finish.


"APEX siding and trim offers the look of freshly painted wood or fiber cement -- without the headaches and hassles of maintaining fiber cement or wood," Gardner added. "It's stronger than fiber cement, and its acrylic finish is four-times thicker than paint applied to fiber cement or wood, so it resists chipping, splintering, fading and warping. APEX siding and trim will never need to be repainted -- ever."


For homeowners who have experienced moisture problems as a result of their current siding selection, APEX Siding System has been designed with an innovative water management system that provides a continuous drainage plane for water to escape and dry out. The siding and trim material, made from Ultrex, is in of itself, resistant to moisture.


Because APEX is made from Ultrex, a pultruded fiberglass, the base material of which is naturally occurring sand, it is the most environmentally friendly siding option available to homeowners today. Supported by ISO 9001-2008 certification, APEX Siding System is dedicated to refining its manufacturing process to make APEX siding and trim even more sustainable and environmentally friendly. In addition, APEX siding and trim does not conduct heat or cold like other siding materials, it can also withstand extreme temperatures from 30 degrees below zero to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.


For builders and remodelers, the Ultrex material from which APEX siding and trim is made, is three times lighter than fiber cement, making it easy to work with and install.


"We believe APEX siding and trim is a game-changer, especially in the Anchorage market where weather conditions really put siding to the test," Mason added. "It's setting a new standard in siding material. Anyone considering fiber cement siding should consider APEX siding and trim."


To learn more about the APEX Siding System, visit or call 888-215-1092.


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