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MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet

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MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet
What is an MSDS
An MSDS is a document containing important information about a hazardous chemical (which may be hazardous substance and/or dangerous goods) and must state:
>       A hazardous substance's product name
>       The chemical and generic name of certain ingredients
>       The chemical and physical properties of the hazardous substance
>       Health hazard information
>       Precautions for safe use and handling
>       The manufacturer's or importer's name, address and telephone number.

MSDS must include following information
1.         Chemical product and company identification
2.         Composition/information on ingredients)
3.         Hazards summarizing
4.         First-aid measures)
5.         Fire-fighting measures
6.         Accidental release measures
7.         Handling and storage)
8.         Exposure controls/personal protection)
9.         Physical and chemical properties
10.     Stability and reactivity
11.     Toxicological information
12.     Ecological information
13.     Disposal
14.     Transport information)
15.     Regulatory information
16.     Other information

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