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ASTM F1550 Fire-Test-Response Characteristics of Mattresses or Furniture

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ASTM F1550 Fire-Test-Response Characteristics -standard:

ASTM F1550: Test Method for Determination of Fire-Test-Response Characteristics of Components or Composites of Mattresses or Furniture for Use in Correctional Facilities after Exposure to Vandalism, by Employing a Bench Scale Oxygen Consumption Calorimeter

ASTM F1550 Fire-Test-Response Characteristics -scope:
This test method provides a means to determine various fire-test-response characteristics, including the time to sustained flaming and the heat release rate, of composites exposed to a prescribed initial test heat flux in the cone calorimeter apparatus, after they have been vandalized in a prescribed manner, to expose the filling material

ASTM F1550 Fire-Test-Response Characteristics - Relative standards:
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BS 476-7:Fire Tests on Building Materials and Structures Part 7: Method of Test to Determine the Classification of the Surface Spread of Flame of Products
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AS 1530:Methods for fire tests on building materials,components and structures
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