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UNI 8457 Small flame test to one surface

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UNI 8457 Small flame test to one surface-Standard
UNI 8457:Combustible products which can be hit by flame on one surface-Reaction to fire by applying a small flame.

UNI 8457 Small flame test to one surface- Scope
Describes a method for determining the time of post-combustion, post-combustion time, damaged area and dripping of a test sample subjected to the action of a small flame applied on one face This standard is applicable to products which may be flamed on one face and/or on the other, but not simultaneously This standard shall not apply to construction products for which: Test methods defined in UNI EN 13501-1 The method provides an indicative indication of the reaction to fire of a product in Initial stage of a fire, under the action of a limited-volume ignition sourc.

UNI 8457 Small flame test to one surface- Relative Standard
UNI CEI 11170-3: Guidelines for railway vehicle protection for tramways and with guided rail. Part 3
UNI 8456 Combustible Materials Which Can Be Hit By Flame On Both Surfaces - Reaction To Fire By Applying A Small Flame
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