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AS1249 Children's nightwear having reduced fire hazard

Zoom  Zoom Issue Date:2020-03-24   Browse:484
AS1249 Children's nightwear having reduced fire hazard – Standard 
AS1249:Children's nightwear and limited daywear having reduced fire hazard

AS1249 Children's nightwear having reduced fire hazard – Scope
This Standard specifies design, performance and labelling requirements for four categories of children's nightwear, together with some garments commonly worn both day and night. It also covers requirements for the labelling of paper patterns for these garments.

1. Appendix A is a flow chart which will be of assistance in interpreting the tandard when designing children's nightwear.
2. Appendix B provides a general indication of the burning characteristics of different types of fibres; however, it is not possible to accurately predict the burning behaviour of any garment solely on the basis of the fibre content of the component fabric or fabrics. Prediction of the burning behaviour of garments incorporating fibre blend is not possible from data on the individual fibres in the blend (see warning in Appendix B).
3. There are some garments which will not meet the requirements of any of the categories in this Standard and therefore cannot comply with this Standard.
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