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Supply covered spandex yarn for sock/covered lycra yarn

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Product/Service: covered spandex yarn for sock/covered lycra yarn  
Unit Price: Negotiating  Inquiry
The min order: 10 tons 
Total Supply: 600 tons
Delivery Expiry: Delivery within 10 days after payment from buyer
Validity Period: Longterm Validity
Last Update: 2013-10-21
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Basic Info of Company
Product detailed description

polyester nylon covered spandex yarn
we can produce traditional covered yarn weh1.6-3.5 draft.
And for 20D/75D 30D/75D 140D/7

1.products for large-circular knitting machine(for socks)

A2040,T2040;A2050,T2050;A2070,T2070;A4070,T4070;A40150,T40150;A40100,T40100;A40140,T40140;A2050,T2075 T2075;A4075,T4075.

2.products for sweater&knitting cloth:


3.Products for woven cloth &jean

A4070,T4070;A40100,T40100;A40200,T40200;A40210,T40210;A40300,T40300; A70200,T70200.

4.products for seamless &small-circular knitting machine


75d polyester+20d spandex 75d polyester+40d spandex

300d polyester +40d spandex 450d polyester+40d spandex

600d polyester+70d spandex 250d polyester+40d spandex

150d polyester+40dspandex

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