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LCA Rate Life cycle assessment certification

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Product/Service: LCA Rate 
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Type: LCA Rate 
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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is an international standard method to systematically and quantitatively describe various resources, energy consumption and environmental emissions in the Life Cycle of products and evaluate their environmental impact.

LCARate Life Cycle Assessment Rating is the world's first comparative rating system based on health and sustainable products, using even more than LCA Life Cycle Analysis.It compares products to "lowest performance by function (BAU)" products, then grades them, addresses all aspects of sustainability, and communicates the results simply and meaningfully.LCARate Life cycle grade certification is an effective passport for enterprises to break through the "green barrier" of international trade.

LCARate is a unique Class I ecolabel, conforming to ISO 14024 and ISO 14025 (for Class III EPDs).The label focuses on every impact of a product and its ingredients at every stage of its life cycle: from the extraction, manufacturing process and transportation of raw materials to the production, packaging and use of the product, to cleaning, maintenance, replacement, and disposal and recycling at the end of its life cycle.

The LCARate score is based on a weighted average of the six sustainability Assessment categories (SAC) scores, which are also generated simultaneously.LCARate also generates product scorecards for each product, as well as CarbonRATE labels, all based on life cycle assessments and their "beyond LCA" metrics.ISO 14025 EPDS are also included and GreenTag can supply EN compliant EPDs on demand for an additional fee.

LCARate consists of two parts:

① Assessment of health and toxicity and corporate and social responsibility

Health and toxicity assessments focus on disclosing the hazards of ingredients to 100ppm of each ingredient in the product, while corporate social responsibility assessments focus on workplace equity, employment conditions and employee health.

② Quantified effects on health

LCARate also contains data for developing complete, detailed life cycle inventories that can really quantify actual impacts, such as how much water is used, how much energy is used, what resources are used, and what climate, biodiversity and pollution impacts are generated.

Product environmental certification - related standards

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