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HPD Health product claim certification

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HPD Product Health Claim Certification - Overview

HPD or PHD certification (Healthy Products Declaration) is proposed and issued by the "Product Health Declaration Cooperative Organization", with a standard report form of product health and safety content instructions, to explain the health and safety of Products to the public.Companies applying for HPD certification must declare all known toxic or hazardous substances contained in the product.The Healthy Product Claim focuses on the environmental and social benefits of products, energy sustainability and also contributes to a healthy built environment.

HPD product Health claim certification is a new LEED V4 requirement (In order to obtain higher LEED V4 material composition and optimal material composition credits for building materials disclosure, companies need to disclose all ingredients that account for more than 1/1000 of their products.Collecting health product claims for at least 20 products is one way to earn LEED points) and is one way to keep track of ingredients.This is a flexible tool to meet criteria and earn points.HPD, released under version 2.1 (and later), provides a way to pre-filter LEED requirements.For convenience, health product claims that pass pre-check can be found in the HPD public repository by simply using the search bar.

HPD Product Health claim certification - beneficial

Comply with LEEDv4, WELL and other certification standards

Flexible reporting of risks and disclosures

Meet consumer demand for material transparency

Saving cost and time, meeting C2C and Declare requirements

HPD Health Product Claims qualify companies for numerous green building certifications:

WELL the certification

LEED certification

Green Star certification

Google Portico certification

HPD product health claim certification - certification process

1. Apply for registration

2. Data collection (List of material components)

3. Create HPD (cooperate with toxicologist, determine CAS code, identify potential health hazard components)

4. Verify HPD (you can choose an independent third party to verify)

5. Publish HPD (optionally add HPD report to international public repository)

Product environmental certification - related standards

EPD Environmental Product Declaration

PHD/HPD Health Product Declaration

LCALife Cycle Assessment


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