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EPD III environmental protection product declaration certification

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Product/Service: EPD III environmental protection 
Brand: CASfire 
Type: EPD  
Size: environmental protection 
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Validity Period: 2022-12-31
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Product detailed description

The EPD environmental Product Statement is an internationally recognized release report based on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method of type iii environmental labeling, which is based on quantitative Life Cycle assessment (LCA) analysis, detailing how a product will impact the environment throughout its life cycle.EPD (Type iii Environmental Product Statement) is a scientific, comparable and internationally recognized, third-party, comprehensive disclosure of information on the environmental impact of a product throughout its life cycle.It can help buyers and consumers better understand the sustainability and environmental impact of products.EPD is one of the environmental marks issued by ISO, the international organization for Standardization. Europe, the United States, Germany, France, Japan and so on have carried out EPD verification, especially in the field of building materials.

EPD is used in many countries, ISO14020 series standard will be divided into three types of environmental labeling and declaration, type ⅰ (based on qualitative LCA analysis), type ⅱ (self-declaration) and type ⅲ (based on quantitative LCA analysis), which is completely based on LCA method of type ⅲ environmental labeling, more and more respected by governments.

Ⅲ environmental product declarations (EPD) and the international standard, as well as ecological design of product, green purchasing, green consumption and other produce strong support role, on the one hand, the environment mark and statement of certification results can be used as a reference factor into the ecological design, including Ⅲ environment mark, due to its based on the quantitative analysis of LCA,Can be directly as ecological design basis, provide data support for the ecological design in material selection, on the other hand, the EPD certification result gives buyers and consumers in addition to the performance of the product, price, function parameters, such as another parameter options, environmental impacts, consumers also impact on the environment can be included in the standard of choose and buy, so as to guide, promote consumer green consumption.

Scope of EPD environmental protection product certification


Products applying for EPD should be identified by PCR according to product category rules.PCR is an operating procedure file that defines the life cycle category of environmental declaration for a particular product or group of products, so as to provide a consistent basis for comparison of environmental declaration for products with the same function.

Currently, PCR products are classified as: agricultural, forestry and fishery products food, textile, Building materials, kitchenware, livelihood, Electronic products, transportation goods, metal products, Machinery and equipment, Machinery and engineering, public utilities, electricity, gas and water, metal products, petrochemical, and service.

In the building materials category, there are doors and Windows, panel furniture, ceramic tiles, recycled glass, low radiation insulating glass, paint, asphalt and gravel, precast concrete products, products made of recycled rubber, for packaging insulation products, fiber cement fiber reinforced cement and gypsum board flame retardant building materials, etc.

EPD environmental protection product certification process


1. Product PCR document formulation (determine target product category, LCA analysis and evaluation, PCR document formulation)

2. Product LCA life cycle assessment report (quantify various environmental impacts of the full life cycle of the product, such as product carbon footprint data, acidification impact, water    eutrophication, natural resource depletion and energy consumption, etc.)

3. EPD environmental declaration report (REVIEW PCR and LCA documents and on-site audit.Data consistent with PCR and LCA results were reported)

4. EPD environmental protection product certification (EPD report certified by an independent third party professional certification unit)

5. EPD release (The certified EPD environmental protection product statement shall be issued by the project operator, and the green product certificate shall be issued)

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