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Expanded Mesh Coils With Diamond Openings, For Wall, Ceiling And Insulation System Construction

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Product/Service: Diamond Mesh Lath 
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Last Update: 2021-07-16
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1/4" Galvanized Diamond Mesh Lathe

Hot dipped zinc covered expanded metal lathing wire, 1/4 inch diamond hole, in 27inch x 96 inch

Sheet size: 27" x 96"
3.50 Pounds/Square Yard
Materials: Hot dipped galvanized steel sheets.

V Groove Self- Furring Diamond Mesh Lath

Diamond Expanded Metal Lathe for dimple-patterned, self-furring plaster base

Diamond mesh lathe wire
Material: Zinc coated carbon steel
Weight: 1.75lbs, 2.51lbs, 3.4lbs, 3.5lbs
Self furred diamond mesh lath is made to be used over solid surfaces to be furred approximately ¼ inch away from the wall to allow for the proper behind the lath. Designed with a surface studded in dimples or embossed “V” groove that provide the required ¼ inch of furring.

Expanded Mesh Rib Lath Coils

Galvanized Expanded Steel Mesh Coils for Plastering and Stucco Reinforcing
Galvanised expanded coil mesh, in 100mm x 15m length, 150mm coil wdith x 30m length.
Opening: Diamond
For plastering back lathing

Expanded Metal Sheet Diamond Mesh Lath

Galvanized carbon steel mesh expanded metal for diamond metal lathe production
Expanded metal lath sheet
Self furring design
Specification: 0.5 mm. thickness
Mesh size 5.7 x 11.2 mm.
Supplied in 1x10 m / roll
Finished sheet in 700x2500mm

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