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IEC 60695-11-10(UL 94)Fire hazard testing to Plastics Material

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Product/Service: Fire hazard testing to Plastics Material 
Brand: CASfire 
Type: IEC 60695-11-10 
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 IEC 60695-11-10(UL 94)Fire Retardant Test to Plastics Material - Principle

IEC 60695-11-10 Fire hazard testing - Part 11-10: Test flames -50 W horizontal and vertical flame test methods

IEC 60695-11-10(UL 94)Fire Retardant Test to Plastics Material - Scope

IEC 60695-11-10:2013 specifies small-scale laboratory test procedures intended to compare the burning behaviour of different materials used in electrotechnical products when vertically or horizontally oriented test bar specimens are exposed to a small flame ignition source with a nominal thermal power of 50 W.

These test methods determine either the linear burning rate or the self-extinguishing properties of materials.

These test methods are applicable to solid and cellular materials that have an apparent density of more than 250 kg/m3, determined in accordance with ISO 845.

Two test methods are described.

Method A is a horizontal burning test and is intended to determine the linear burning rate of materials under specific test conditions.

Method B is a vertical burning test and is intended to determine whether materials self-extinguish under specific test conditions. 

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