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upholstered seating BS 5852:Test Method

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BS 5852-2006: Methods of test for assessment of the ignitability of upholstered seating by smouldering and flaming ignition sources

2. BS 5852 Fire test of upholstered seating - Standard Brief:

The standard is used to assess the ignitability of material combinations, such as covers and fillings used in upholstered seating, when subjected to a smouldering cigarette and a match flame equivalent as ignition source.

In United Kingdom all items of domestic upholstered furniture must meet the “Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988” with amendments. BS 5852:Part 1 and BS 5852:Part 2 has been withdrawn by BSI (British Standards Institution) but are still used as the regulations mentioned above refers to the standards.

3. BS 5852 Fire test of upholstered seating - Products Scope:

This British Standard describes methods for assessing the ignitability of single material combinations:

> Covers used in upholstered seating
> Fillings used in upholstered seating
> Complete items of seating

4. BS 5852 Fire test of upholstered seating - Test Method:

The tests are performed in a test cabinet with a calibrated air flow. The cover fabric and the filling are put in a test rig to create a small sofa with a 90o angle between seat and back. The ignition sources are located in the junction between seat and back. There are six different ignition sources, numbered 2-7. ignition sources 2-3 are gas flames and ignition sources 4-7 are wooden cribs (the higher number the larger gas flame/crib).

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