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Chinese Fire test standard:TB/T 3237 railway vehicles

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Product/Service: TB/T 3237 
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TB/T 3237 Chinese Fire test standard for railway vehicles - Standard
TB/T 3237 Flame retardant technical specification of decorating materials for multiple unit train

TB/T 3237 Chinese Fire test standard for railway vehicles – Test Method

GB 2406 Oxygen index test
UIC 564 Combustion test
GB 8323 Smoke density test
TB 3237 Part 4.4 Smoke toxicity test

TB/T 3237 Chinese Fire test standard for railway vehicles – Scope
This Standard is applicable to the flame retardant decorating materials for the multiple unit train with an operation speed larger than or equal to 200km/h.
This Standard specifies the flame retardant property requirements and test methods for the decorating materials for multiple unit train.
TB/T 3237 Chinese Fire test standard for railway vehicles – Reference Standard

GB/T 2406.2 Plastics - Determination of Burning Behavior by Oxygen Index
GB/T 10707 Rubber - Determination of the Burning
GB/T 8323.2 Determination of Optical Density by a Single-chamber Test
UIC 564-2 Regulations relating to fire protection

We also can provide the following service of fire test to Railway

EN45545-2 Fire protection of railway vehicles: Requirement for fire behaviors of materials EN45545-3 Fire resistance requirements for fire barriers
NFPA 130 Standard for fixed guideway transit and passenger rail systems
DIN5510-2 Fire behaviour of materials and parts, classification, requirement and test methods
BS6853 Code of practice for fire precautions in the design and construction of passenger carrying trains
NF F16-101 Railway Rolling Stock Fire Behavior Choice of Material

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