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Aluminum Foil/Non-woven Cloth/Aluminum Foil

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Product/Service: Aluminum Foil/Non-woven Cloth/Aluminum Foil 
Brand: Heat insulation material 
Type: Heat Insulation Material 
Size: Roll size: Width*Length: 1.2m*40m  
Unit Price: 1.20USD/square met  Inquiry
The min order: 1000 square met 
Total Supply:
Delivery Expiry: Delivery within 7 days after payment from buyer
Validity Period: Longterm Validity
Last Update: 2018-04-19
Browse: 1244
Basic Info of Company
Product detailed description
 This is a new environmental-friendly heat insulation material. Generally, it consists of inner of PE air bubble or XPE/EPE/IXPE/PUthe faces of pure aluminum foil or metalized aluminum film, manufactured by special equipment . The PE air bubble, by adding the fire retardant additive into it, can meet requirements of international authoritative fire rating tests such as SGS,TUV,AWT,etc. The outer aluminum foil, by coating with antioxidants, can have a longer service life and lowest emissivity. 

This is a heat reflex, radiant blocker and thermal insulation all-in-one product by combining aluminum foil (or metallzed aluminum film) with PE material or foam material.

Aluminum foils (or aluminum plating film) characteristics of reflected light, heat and the combination of the material such as polyethylene, make it has good heat reflection, heat insulation, anti-radiation, insulation function.

The unique inflatable form of air bubble can play a buffering force strength, shock absorption, impact resistant effect.

Compared with traditional heat insulation materials such as fiberglass and foam materials, it has not only solved the problem of discomfort and environment damage, but blocked the ultraviolet radiation which can go through iron, concrete, wood and common heat insulation materials into rooms as well.  

Product Characteristics

1. No odor and non-toxic, environment friendly.

2. Lightweight, soft, dust-free,and easy to install.

3. High R-Value, reflecting up to 97% of radiant heat.

4. Heat insulation,waterproof,noise insulation, anti-vibration,good sealing property and anti-aging.

5. Reduce the cost of handling, storage and transportation.

6. In summer: moisture-proof, sun-proof, heat insulation, saving energy of air conditioner.

7. In winter:heat preservation, saving energy of heating,energy-saving effect is remarkable.

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