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Ecosafene supply Far 25.853 Smoke Density fire test to aircraft material

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 Ecosafene supply Far 25.853(Vertical、Horizontal、45 degree、60 degree、Smoke Density Test、Smoke Toxicity) fire test to aircraft material - Airbus Standard

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Far 25.853 - Standard 
Far 25.853:Fire Protection for compartment interior
Far 25.853 - Standard Cause

Vertical Flammability Test
Horizontal Flammability Test
45° flammability test
60° flammability te
Seat Flammability Test
Smoke Density Test
Smoke Toxicity Test
Far 25.853 -meterial:
Silicon product,fire retardant coating,glue,cable,fire retardant fabric(curtain,seat cushions,blanket),PA6  product,nylon product,ABS product and so on
Far 25.853 Vertical Test-definition
The test apparatus are almost same to UL94V and test the performance of self-extinguish of material under fire condition
Far 25.853 Horizontal Test-definition
A minimum of three specimens must be tested and the results averaged. Each specimen must be supported horizontally. The exposed surface, when installed in the aircraft, must be face down for the test. 
Far 25.853 45°test-definition
45° flammability test and vertical flammability test will be applied to components which were used for hold and baggage. The ignition resource of 45° flammability test is same to that of horizontal flammability test. The test will be carried out in a small chamber without ventilation and 3 results will be record.
Far 25.853 60°test-definition
Sixty degree test. A minimum of three specimens of each wire specification (make and size) must be tested. The specimen of wire or cable (including insulation) must be placed at an angle of 60° with the horizontal in the cabinet with the cabinet door open during the test, or must be placed within a chamber approximately 2 feet high by 1 foot by l foot, open at the top and at one vertical side (front), and which allows sufficient flow of air for complete combustion, but which is free from drafts. 
Far 25.853 Seat Flammability Test-definition
Fire test to seat include seat and backrest, coal oil burner is applied and measure the weight loss
Far 25.853 Smoke Density Test-definition
Smoke Density Test the specific optical density of smoke generated by solid materials by NBS chamber.
Far 25.853 Smoke Toxicity Test-definition
Gases produced for analysis are generated in a specified, calibrated smoke chamber during standard rate of smoke generation testing,in both flaming combustion and non-flaming pyrolytic decomposition test modes
Far 25.853 - Similar test
Far 25.853:Fire Protection for compartment interior
ASTM E662:Standard test Method for specific optical density of smoke generated by solid materials
BSS 7238:Fire Test for Smoke Density
BSS 7239:Test method for toxic gas generation by materials on combustion
ABD 0031:Airbus Fireworthiness Requirements
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