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Supply Painted Artistic Ceiling Panels Calcium Silicate Ceiling Panel

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Product/Service: Painted Artistic Ceiling Panels Calcium Silicate Ceiling Panel  
Unit Price: Negotiating  Inquiry
The min order: 900 pieces 
Total Supply: 60000 pieces
Delivery Expiry: Delivery within 15 days after payment from buyer
Validity Period: Longterm Validity
Last Update: 2012-07-30
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Basic Info of Company
Product detailed description

Light weight, high strength, fire-proof, water-proof, moisture-proof,
sound insulation, heat insulation, thermal insulation.

General Introduction
Artistic Ceiling Panels (Calcium Silicate Board) reinforced with selected fibers and fillers. Mainly made from cement, quartz sand and reinforced fiber. It is formulated without inorganic fibers and does not contain formal dehyde. CS board is beige in colour and has a smooth finish on one face with a dimple
pattern on the reverse face. In our Ceiling parts there is 3 types, including of 1. KNURLING 2.EMBOSSMENT 3.PERFORATION, which has different and classic style for your different choice. Our products has excellent paint covering on the surface of ceiling. The reverse face of our ceiling panel is treated by white sound absorbing non-woven fabric, which brings customer with the non-noise space. Besides with our perfect performance in water-proof, heat-proof, non-combustibility, moisture-proof, sound insulation, resisting in bending strength…etc, we have many many other splendid factors need you to find.
Key features:

Surface treatement:painted
100% free from asbestos.
Excellent performance on water-proofing.
Excellent performance on fire- proofing.
Excellent performance on thermal-resistance.
Good sound and heat insulation. 
Easy to install.Stable dimension.
High compression strength versus light weight.
Painting, tiling and nailing is applicable.


 Thickness, density and size
Normal thickness is available from 3-10mm.   (ASTM 303 )
Normal density is 1.0-1.4g/cm3.                  (ASTM 303 )
Maximum width 595mm ×595mm(±0.2mm)          Maximum width 603mm ×603mm(±0.2mm)            

 Physical Performance
Non- asbestos. (NIOSH 9000:1994)
Thermal conductivity: 0.24w/mk   (ASTM C518)
Fire resistance: Incombustible A-class material(GB8624-1997) (BS476: Part 4:1970)
Radioactivity: In line with the standard A class (GB8624-A)
Moisture content :<10%     (ASTM C1616)
Bending strength: transverse 10.4mpa; vertical 8.7mpa. (ASTM 203)
Shrinkage rate: 0.08%(GB-T7019-1997)
Sound insulation: 45db
Wet inflation rate: <0.17%(GBT-7019-1997)
Water absorption: <40%  ASTM  C1616

Certification Organization Certified item Result Certified date Valid Date
Yi Chang Institute of Supervision & Test on Product Quality Appearance/tolerance range in shape/tolerance dimension/density/non-asbestos etc… PASS March, 2011 2 Years
Morgarn Lab Verification of CPD Compliance PASS March, 2011 2 Years
IQNet & CQM ISO9001:2008 Standard PASS March, 2011 2 Years
National Research Center of Testing Techniques for Building Materials Thermal Conductivity 0.16W/m’ k  PASS April, 2011 2 Years
Non-Combustibility 1.7 < 2.0 Mj/kg
CHINA QUALITY CERTIFICATION CENTRE Type Testing of Product + Initial Factory Inspection + Follow up Factory Inspection PASS Dec, 2011 2 Years
CHINA QUALITY CERTIFICATION CENTRE Protection for Environmental PASS Dec,2011 2 Years
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