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silicon nitride ceramic roller

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Product/Service: Silicon Nitride/Si3N4 Ceramic Bearing Roller/INNOVACERA  
Type: INC-SN1604 
Size: Dia0.8-101.6mm or customized 
Unit Price: 0.10USD/piece  Inquiry
The min order: 10 piece 
Total Supply: 100000 piece
Delivery Expiry: Delivery within 3 days after payment from buyer
Validity Period: Longterm Validity
Last Update: 2016-04-29
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Product detailed description
 Silicon Nitride/Si3N4 Ceramic Bearing Roller/INNOVACERA
Product Description


1. Long working life

2. High temperature usage

3. Frication coefficient is low nonmagnetic
4. OEM

Silicon nitride ceramic for bearing:

script><img src="" alt="Silicon Nitride/Si3N4 Ceramic Bearing Roller/INNOVACERA" width="600" ori-width="615" ori-height="158">script>

script><img src="" alt="Silicon Nitride/Si3N4 Ceramic Bearing Roller/INNOVACERA" width="600" ori-width="651" ori-height="166">script>

Material Description

Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) Description:

Silicon nitride is a man made compound synthesized  through several different chemical reaction

methods. Parts are pressed and sintered by well developed methods to produce a ceramic.

The material color is dark gray to black and can be polished to a very smooth reflective surface.

High performance silicon nitride materials were developed for automotive engine wear-resistant

parts, such as valves and cam followers and proven effective. The very high quality bodies

developed for using in many severe mechanical, thermal and wear applications.

Key Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) Characteristics:

• Good thermal shock resistance
• Creep resistance
• Low density
• High fracture toughness
• High hardness and wear resistance
• Electrical resistivity

Typical Uses

• Rotating bearing balls and rollers

• Cutting tools

• Engine moving parts — valves, turbocharger rotors

• Engine wear parts — cam followers, tappet shims

• Turbine blades, vanes, buckets

• Metal tube forming rolls and dies

• Precision shafts and axles in high wear environments

• Weld positioners

script><img src="" alt="Silicon Nitride/Si3N4 Ceramic Bearing Roller/INNOVACERA" width="600" ori-width="653" ori-height="168">script>

Producing Process

Manufacturing Options

Advanced Finishing Services

•  Injection molding   

•  Roll compacting   

•  Co-firing      

• Extruding

• Isostatic pressing

• Dry pressing

• Hot pressing

• Tape casting

• Slip casting 

• Precision grinding and lapping

• Laser machining

• Engineering design and support

• Metallizing

• Alumina Ceramics-to-metal brazing

• Specialized coatings

• Threaded components

• Precision motion components

• Complex cleanroom assemblies

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1.What is information we provide when we inquiry?

You can send your complete drawing with technology requirements and the quantity you need.

If  you can, pls inform what’s application of your part?

We will try to recommend the most suitable material and quote for you asap.

2.Can you provide the free samples?

Yes,we can provide the free sample in stocked as customers with freight collected.

3.How long will it take for you to send me a quote?

This depends on the complexity of your requirements. For simple items such as

plates and rods, we can generally supply a quotation within 24 hours.

4.What's the delivery time?

For the standard products, like ceramic substrate and insulating rods, delivery time is

normally 7 working days. For hot pressed boron nitride and machinable glass ceramic,

it's about 10 working days. For customized products made of alumina, zirconia,

boron carbide and silicon nitride, total producing time is about 30-45 working days.

5.Do you have any certificate?

We have ISO 9001-2008;ISO9001-2008;OHSAS18001-1999 .

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