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Product/Service: Fire Retarding Panel  
Brand: Guangmei Brand 
Type: Other Fireproofing Materials  
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Guangmei Brand Fireproof Vermiculite Panel is a kind of new inorganic materials for fire retarding decoration.

Brief Introduction:

Guangmei Brand Fireproof Vermiculite Panel is a kind of new inorganic materials. It is mainly made of expanding vermiculite and blends with proportional inorganic adhesive. Thought a series of processes, the finished panel is characterized by fire-resistant, environmentally friendly, heat and sound insulation, without any toxic substances, etc. Even though the heating temperature reaches 1200 degree centigrade, it will not release any pernicious gas. Combustibility is Grade A.


1. Standard size: 2100mm*900mm or 2400mm*1200mm

2. Thickness: 12mm-38mm

3. Density: 300-1000kg/m3


1. Noncombustible, non-fusible and fire-resistant. Because this Panel is mainly made of inorganic materials without element carbon, so it will not burn.

2. Lasting heat retaining.

3. Nontoxic, smokeless, environmentally friendly.

4. Prominent dent resistance. The panel is pressed with expanding vermiculite and special fireproof glue water, so it has high strength and toughness.

5. Favorable weather resistance.

6. Excellent mold and wormy resistance.

7. Easy to install and process, including sawing, nailing, planning, drilling.

8. Well sound insulation.


It is widely used in the lines of construction, shipping, metallurgy, electricity, spaceflight and so on, specifically used as

1. Fireproof door core

2. Deluxe kitchen ware

3. Boat hull panels

4. Fire passage an ventilation system

5. Commercial building, library, hotel, restaurant, amusement building, senior and common residence

6. Transformer vault

7. Fireplace

8. Industrial heat-retaining materials.

Other applications: It is able to apply to furniture, fireproof wall, suspended ceiling etc.

Further Processing:

Fireproof Vermiculite Panel can be further processed.

1. It can be compounded with Aluminum. This kind of Composite Panel has stronger fireproof strength then the traditional fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel.

2. It can be acoustic panel after notching and punching, widely using in meeting rooms, concert halls and assembly halls

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