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aramid fabric

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Product/Service: Aramid Fiber 200 Denier Plain Woven 60g/m2 Fabric SKF-001 
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 Aramid Fiber 200 Denier Plain Woven 60g/m2 Fabric|Kevlar Yarn Weave Fabric SKF-001
Aramid Kevlar Fiber Fabric
Aramid fiber is best suited for applications were toughness is preferred. In addition, aramid fibers offer super strength the weight ratio of tensile strength is 6 times of steel wire,3 times of glass fiber 2 times of High strength nylon industrial yarn. these fibers are 43% lighter than fiberglass, the tensile modulus is thrice as strong as steel wire, twice as strong as e-glass, and ten times as strong as aluminum. These unique properties make it an exceptional fiber for use in composite reinforcements, ballistics applications, ropes, cables and protective apparel, best known for its use in ballistic and stab-resistant body armor.
Properties of aramid Kevlar Fiber:
High Modulus
High LASE (Load At Specified Elongation)
High tensile strength at low weight
Low elongation to break high modulus (structural rigidity)
Low electrical conductivity
High chemical resistance
Low thermal shrinkage
High toughness (work-to-break)
Excellent dimensional stability
High cut resistance
Flame resistant, self extinguishing
No embrittlement or degradation at temperatures as low as -320 degree
Sensitive to UV light - unprotected yarn will discolor with prolonged exposure.

Applications for aramid/kevlar fabric: 
aerospace,defense supplies,sports leisure,medical apparatus and instruments,high-grade loom,telecommunication,electrical heating,machine building, specifically used in airplane,radar cover,rocket,car,ship/boat,racing boat,racing helmet,ski outfit,brassie,fishing rod,bicycle,the cockpit of the aircraft,radar shield engine hood,Yacht,car body, fan blade,circuit board,Resin coated material,senior decorative board,racket,rope,bulletproof vest,cut-resistant gloves,The brakes, clutch,Gearbox friction plate,Seal film

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