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Supply firing intumescent pvc granules

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Product/Service: firing intumescent pvc granules  
Brand: smallboss  
Unit Price: Negotiating  Inquiry
The min order: 1 Tons 
Total Supply: 400 Tons
Delivery Expiry: Delivery within 20 days after payment from buyer
Validity Period: Longterm Validity
Last Update: 2014-05-22
Browse: 2346
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Product detailed description
firing intumescent pvc granules will start to expand at the temperature 180 celsius degree, and the main part expand temperature

firing intumescent pvc granules are as intumescent seals' material, well established method of achieving fire resistance in desinate fire doors,Heat from a fire causes the intumescent material to foam and swell,thus filling the gap between the door and the frame and preventing the flow of hot gases and smoke. However, not all such seals are equal, and as concern over litigation grows, the thoughtful specifier must examine all the option to ensure that the seal chosen for each project really is the most appropriate. As the recognised leader in intumesent seal technology ,smallboss offers products of proven performance and demonstrable cost effectiveness whicn can be specified with absolute confiden.

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