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Product/Service: Fire Prevention Board 
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Fire Prevention Board
1)CE Fire Prevention Board
2)Insulation Fire Prevention Board
high intensity Fire Prevention Board

Product Name: Magnesium board

Size: 1220*2440*(3-22)mm


magnesium chloride, magnesia, alkali endured epoxy cloth, perlite

(Without : asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene)


Adoptable to partition and suspended ceiling in decoration of buildings, the structure for heat preservation sound insulation wall, places with dampness, mobile partition, special class fire prevention, sandwiched plate in fireproof gate and packaging of equipment cases.

  • Equipment pallet
  • Mobile floor
  •  Partition board for mobile room
  • wall board and basement roof linning board
  • various suspending ceilings
  • Lining of fireproof boardceiling board


Being green, free from smell and poison, non-flammable, free from smog, high intensity, light quality, sound insulation, heat preservation, waterproof, fireproof, free from freeing and erosion, minuteness expanding & shrinking ratio, free from crack and distortion, convenient construction, low wastage and long life, it is the really green fire prevention product without such harmful elements as asbestos, formaldehyde or benzene.

  • Flame proof: Resistant to combustion at 800 C and remains flameless At 1, 200 C
  • Non-flammability: GB8624 grade A
  • Waterproof: Resistant to deformation in wet environments
  • Weight: Light weight, (volume weight: 0.85 - 1.27g/cm )
  • Strength: Bendable and impact resistant
  • Invariability: Resistant to deformation in wet, hot and dry conditions
  • Sound insulation: Sound loss through a 6mm thick Tolar TM plate - 29dB
  • Heat Resistance: Thermal conductivity of 0.216W/(mK)
  • Durability: Resistant to halogen accumulation, long lasting strength
  • Cold resistance: Can be used at -40 degrees
  • Installation: Easy to cut, saw, nail, stick, paint and veneer
  • Environmental friendly: Free of asbestos, formaldehyde and ammonia

Certificates: ISO, CE

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