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adaptability,simple and convenient,waterproof,good crack resistance,heat-proof and sound-proof,durable,environmental protection.

  Basic Features:

  1. Foam glass is a material with equally closed cells inside obtained by using quartz sand powder or cullet as the base, added with additives, such as foaming agents and accelerating agents, etc. to form glass batch after superfine crushing and uniform mixing, and then to melt, foam and anneal. It belongs to inorganic glass and airtight lacunary foam materials, with many excellent features such as low density, low coefficient of heat conductivity, none moisture permeation, low coefficient of water absorption, non-inflammable, mold resistant, high mechanical strength, easy to process, corrosion resistance, toxic free, stable performance under the temperature between -200°C and +500°C. Meanwhile the thermal insulation glazed hollow bead has good durability, hard quality and high surface strength. Easy to incise and convenient to construct. The foam glass can be made to colorful materials and could be used as decoration. Usually, the common heat insulation materials do not possess all above characteristics.

 2. Applications:     The characteristics of the foam glass enable it the ability to be safely and durably applied under deep-cold, underground, or stringent environment of inflammable and explosive, moisture or chemical corrosion. Thus it is widely used for petroleum, chemical, underground project, shipbuilding and the national defense war industry's heat-insulation and cold preservation engineering.     As using for wall heat insulation, foam glass owns all advantages the present common used heat-insulation materials have. And it functions as decorative and durable materials that others lacked. When using for wall thermal insulation, it just need to plaster by polymer cement mortar and will be strong bond.  


Performance indexes:  

Item Unit Index Remarks
Density Kg/m³ 150 Higher than National Standard
Compression Strength MPa ≥ 0.8 Higher than National Standard
Rupture Strength MPa ≥ 0.7 Higher than National Standard
Volume water absorption % ≤0.2 Higher than National Standard
Thermal Conductivity W/m.k 0.06±0.005 Higher than National Standard
Lineal Expansion Coefficient 1/°C 9x10—6 Higher than National Standard
Fire-protection Rating   A A




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