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Supply fireproof Calcium silicate board

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Calcium silicate fireproof door core, professional manufacture,

Sunshine High temperature calcium silicate fireproof door core is a kind of inorganic material with stable physical and chemical performance. With the characteristics of high resistant temperature, low thermal conductivity, very good effect of insulation for fire and sound, lightweight and high specific strength. The core will never deformed and will not send out any irritant smoke and gas when burned and high temperature. Free from asbestos, is a pure green building material. So it’s very suitable for fireproof and sound insulation door. This kind of material had already widely used as the cores of fireproof and sound insulation doors in various field. The limited fire resistance is up to 90 min,even more than 120 min.This product have exported to U.S.A, Korea,German,Spain,Mexico,Spain,India,America,Africa, Europe etc more countries and have already earned more honors from the customers.

Physical Performance


Core for steel door

Core for wood door

Bulk Density


230 - 270

260 - 320

Flexural Strength




Thermal Cond.




Temp. limited




Linear Shrinkage (1000°C×3h)




Soundproof Coeffecient




Size and dimensional tolerance

Length × Width (mm)

500× 500, 1000× 500, 1050× 850

Thickness (mm)

20 - 140

Tolerance (mm)

Length, width ±2, Thickness ±0.25

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