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Supply Perlite Filter Aid

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Product/Service: Perlite Filter Aid  
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Last Update: 2012-08-06
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Basic Info of Company
Product detailed description

Perlite Filter Aid: GK-110

Perlite Filter Aid (GK-110) is a regular product of our company. It is white solid powder through expanding, modifying, purfying and grading the natural qualified perlite ore in Shangtianti Mine, Xinyang City, Henan Province. Its molecular structure is alveolate and it is a tasteless, nontoxic and abacterial inert material without organics.

Product Features:

(1) It is insoluable in the filtered liquid.

(2) It does not react with filtered liquid.

(3) It is good for soak and spread in filtered liquid.

(4) It is easy to plaster and keep on filtered dummy plate of cage-type screen.

(5) It is crack resistence when plastering on filtered dummy plate.

(6) It has enough heat stability when filtering high-heat liquid.

Product Line:

Item Flow Rate(Sec/100ml) >25um Particle Volume Percent 
GK-110 Big <30 55-65

GK-110 Medium



GK-110 Small



GK-110 Smaller



Physical Parameter:


Absolute Specific Gravity

Bulk Density


Paticle Size > 40 microns

Particle Size < 5 microns 


2200 - 2500 kg/m3

150 - 250 kg/m3

2.5 - 5.0 garcy 




Chemical Parameter:




Loss on Dying (powder)

PH Value (10% turbid liquid)

Heat Loss (glassiness)


≤4.0 ppm

≤4.0 ppm


6 - 9


Applied Industry:

Widely used in filtered liquid of water treatment, edible oil, wine, food, beverage, sugar & dextrose, monosodium, medicine, petrochemicals, raw material chemicals, metallurgy, textile and food  additives.


Applied Equipment:

Postive pressure operating: Plate Filter, Vertical Blade Pot-type Filter, Rotary Blade Filter, Level blade Filter.

Negative pressure operating: Vaccum Blade Filter, Rotary Vaccum Pre-coat Filter.

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